How can I include special subgroup analyses in my admission validity study?

Subgroups are categorical variables that can be included in your data file/study to enhance the study results by providing subgroup analyses (or further breakdown of results). All ACES studies break down your results on the basis of gender and race/ethnicity whenever your sample includes 50 or more students for at least two levels of a subgroup (e.g., 50+ males and 50+ females). You may also specify up to three additional subgroups, again, using either ACES-supplied data (see below for these options), your own data, or a combination (adding up to three). Examples of possibly useful subgroup analyses include colleges within the institution (e.g., Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, Architecture, etc.) or First Generation College Student (yes/no), resident versus commuter student, Pell Grant Eligible (yes/no), etc. When submitting your data, you will be prompted to provide the label/description of the code values presented in your data (e.g., 1=Yes, 2=No).

Options for additional subgroups from ACES-supplied data are:

  • First language (English only, English and Another Language, Another Language)
  • Best language (English only, English and Another Language, Another Language)





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