How It Works

Before you create a custom ACES study for your institution, review these examples of questions that an ACES study can help you answer:

  • What combination and weighting of SAT scores, high school GPA, and other key factors will work best in our admission model to predict student success at my institution?
  • What test score(s) should we use for placing students into different levels of math coursework?
  • How can we quickly and easily identify students who may be at risk for not returning or completing their degrees?

After you’ve determined what admissions and placement questions you want your study to answer, follow these steps to create your very own ACES study.

Create an ACES account.


  1. Create a secure ACES account.

    You will need to register for a personal account (not an institutional account) where you can sign into the ACES application. You must use a .gov or .edu email address to register.

  2. Select your study’s variables.

    You design a study for your institution by choosing the test scores and other variables you want to analyze against a specified outcome.

  3. Upload a file of student data.

    Make sure that the file you upload meets the requirements of the requested study. Then, our team runs a comprehensive analysis of the data.

  4. Review your detailed report.

    You get a detailed, easy-to-understand report, along with interactive graphs, that can be used to inform your institution's admissions and/or placement policies.