How should we choose predictors for a completion study?

In addition to selecting SAT scores, you can create your own custom predictors and supply data for them.

The primary purpose of a completion study is to evaluate the measures used in predicting and understanding completion and to learn which students may be at greater risk for not completing in the future. A good predictor, however, has several other important qualities. It should be widely available, reliable, and fair to all students. Predictors should show sufficient variation in scores to differentiate student ability, without large clumps of students at the top or the bottom scores. Completion studies also support two-category (0,1) predictors that can represent student characteristics.

When selecting predictors for your study, you should consider including any possible contributors to understanding completion at your institution. ACES can help to sort through them for redundant or weak contributors, as well as to provide prediction equations for future students.





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