I am having problems uploading my data to ACES. What's wrong?

If you're having trouble uploading your data, first make sure your file format is either Excel, CSV, SAS Transport, or Tab delimited. If your data file is in one of these formats and the upload fails, try copying your data into the data submission template specific to your study, since it is designed to map your data fields to those in the ACES data. These templates can be downloaded from the Data Submission page in the ACES portal, from the Data Layout Templates page, and from each page in the ACES Studies section.

If you're able to upload your data but are experiencing problems submitting the data for your study, consult the ACES Data Preparation Guidelines or review the results from your Quality Assurance Report available through the portal. You can always find technical assistance using the discussion feature in the portal or by contacting us.





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