We do our own validity studies. Why would we want to do an ACES study?

ACES offers you these unique benefits:

  • We incorporate modern, informative, and accessible methods for understanding test validity. Reports have been designed by leading researchers in test validity, higher education, and educational statistics with a focus on clarity in communication of results.
  • In addition to your comprehensive returned report, you receive interactive graphs to help customize information to include in campus reports and presentations.
  • When we process an admission validity study, one of our first steps is to match the student data provided by the college to the College Board database of test scores and demographic information. In addition to your validity study, you will receive a copy of the matched file used to process your study that also includes retention risk variables by student. This is a valuable tool for you to use for further campus research and possible student outreach.
  • You can study historical trends in your validity results as you continue to use the system each year.





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