Be a Part of the National SAT Validity Study

Need more information?

College Board has launched a longitudinal national SAT validity study in partnership with colleges and universities, to examine the relationship between SAT scores and college outcomes such as GPAs, course grades, persistence, and completion.

Your participation in this study will help inform and strengthen the college readiness and success knowledge base. It also comes with benefits to your institution.

Why Participate

Institutions that participate in the National SAT Validity Study get:

  • A customized institution-specific admission validity study with interactive graphs summarizing institutional study results
  • A comprehensive matched data file with student-level variables from a College Board database
  • A stipend payable to your institution/office ($500) for the work involved in assembling and submitting the requested data file

How to Submit Your Data

Using the Admitted Class Evaluation Service™, the College Board's free and secure online validity study service, study participants will submit a file with first-time, first-year students that began at your institution in fall 2023, including student information for matching and college performance data. There must be at least 250 students in that entering class (and at least 75 SAT takers) to participate. The submission of the data file will take place between October 1st and October 31st, 2024.

How We Keep Your Data Secure

All ACES data storage and transmissions are secured from end-to-end. Data are housed in a highly secure data environment and are encrypted in transit and at rest. Note that your participation in this national study is in compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations, under the studies exception.